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Welcome to TSG Games!

Welcome to TSG Games Company. Our mission is to provide the very best in modern role playing games. We will endeavor to create accurate and realistic adventure modules keeping with current geopolitical events to enhance your entertainment and enjoyment.

OSS seal
NEWS!!!!! OSS: The Spy Game now uses a version of Dominion Rules (DR) D12, for modern espionage role playing. The rules are free at Dominion Rules dot org!
The modified version of (DR) rules will be available in printed form as well as PDF for a mear pittence! Stay tuned!!!

What’s the Meaning Behind the OSS Seal?
The CIA seal is one of the most recognizable images in the world. You’ve probably seen it on book covers, T-shirts and in the movies.
In contrast, the real seal of the OSS is rarely seen. This is because of the extreme secretive nature of the service. You may have seen the “other” seal of the OSS in pop culture. For example; Spy Kids movie series, and the OSS Society. This “other” seal is intended for disinformation purposes. The intent is to keep the OSS as an urban legend, to hide its real existence from the public.
But what’s the meaning behind the seal? What does it represent to the OSS, its employees?
From the "Memorandum of Establishment of Service of Strategic Intelligence," Colonel Donovan was appointed as the "Coordinator of Intelligence" in July 1941. Later the Coordinator of Intelligence office was renamed to Director of Coordinated Intelligence.
The Office of Strategic Services was established by a Presidential military order issued by President Roosevelt on June 13, 1942, to collect and analyze strategic information required by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and to conduct special operations not assigned to other agencies.
Section 2 of the Intelligence Agency Act of 1941 provided for a seal of office for the OSS. The seal’s design was approved on Feb. 17, 1941. In this Order, the OSS seal is described in heraldic terms as follows:

SHIELD: Argent, a compass rose of sixteen points gules.
CREST: On a wreath argent and gules an American bald
eagle's head erased proper and looking to its left
towards the rising sun signifying the future.

Below the shield on a white scroll the inscription "United States of America" in black letters and over the shield and crest the inscription "OSS" in red letters. All on a circular blue background.
But the formal verbiage in President Roosevelt's military Order does not clearly explain what the various parts of the seal mean.
Here’s how we interpret our seal:
The American Eagle is the national bird and is a symbol of strength and alertness.
The radiating spokes of the compass rose depict the convergence of intelligence data from all areas of the world to a central point.
The shield is the standard symbol of defense and the intelligence we gather for policymakers.
(Source: With changes to reflect the fictitious clandestine agency.)

OSS: The Spy Game

The OSS: The Spy Game! is a new espionage role playing game in the vein of the old 'TOP Secret' by TSR. You are asked to answer your countries call to duty! The Office of Strategic Services role playing game of modern espionage. The players take the role of Clandestine Para-military Officers who take the most dangerous jobs. The jobs of counter-terrorism. You are the first line of defense. Your enemies are many...

My modern RPG is a pencil and paper role-playing game, much like Top Secret. It is not a computer game.

NEW: Now offering Play By Mail and Play By E-mail!
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Become a Game Tester! I am giving out the rules to play-testers! Just send me an email and I will send you a PDF of the rules. All I ask is your critical review.

I hope to attend this years GameConMemphis. I hope to have a table in the dealers room.

If there is anything you'd like to see, or have suggestions on how I can better serve you, please do not hesitate to drop me an email Dave Johnson.

Updated August 13, 2012

Need a game designer / sanario designer! This is a freelance position. Please email me your resume.


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